Coldr Technology - Drink Rails & Tables

Don't just keep your beer cool, make it coldr!

Electrically crash-cooled cup holders in drink rails and tables that

make your beer colder than it was served, so the last sip

is colder and more refreshing than the first.  

Designed exclusively for MillerCoors and rolling out

nationwide in stadiums, ballparks, bars & restaurants. 

Electrical Crash-Cooling

Electrical Crash-Cooling

Electrical Crash-Cooling


Coldr Cup Holders are electric.  This is not traditional refrigeration.  There are no chemicals (freon, glycol, etc) and no commitment to 24/7 operation.  Just turn them on then you want to use them, and turn them off afterward.  They fit a variety of can sizes, bottle sizes & profiles, plastic stadium cups, and traditional pint glasses.  Shown is the frosty ice on the copper chill plates that get as low

as 7°F.  Durable and easy to maintain, they don't just keep a beer cool, they actually make it colder, down to the last icy cold drop!

Drink Rails & Tables

Electrical Crash-Cooling

Electrical Crash-Cooling


Coldr Cup Holders come in a variety of drink rail and table configurations to suit the needs of the venue.  Drink Rails can

be bar height for standing / bar stools or seated height

including ADA.   Tables can be created in just about any shape (round, half-moon, square, rectangle) and can be any height.

We also make custom products like Arm Rests and Wall Mounts.  Features include phone chargers, purse hooks, and foot rails.  Power can be controlled at the rail/table with a toggle switch,

with a wall switch, or hard-wired into the venue electrical system.

Example Installations

Atlanta Braves @ SunTrust Park

Seattle Mariners @ T-Mobile Park

Seattle Mariners @ T-Mobile Park


There are 301 season-ticket seats in right field "Chop House" stadium seating area that have Coldr Drink Rails.  Fans call it

the "cold beer section".  There are another 48 seats in the field level "Below the Chop" party room.  The VIP Silver Seats were

 just installed with more Coldr Drink Rails coming to the terrace level in 2020.  Sponsored by MillerCoors Coors Light brand.

Seattle Mariners @ T-Mobile Park

Seattle Mariners @ T-Mobile Park

Seattle Mariners @ T-Mobile Park


The Coors Light Silver Seats is a VIP experience including

Coldr Cup Holders in roomy side tables flanked by plush

premium recliners.  The Coldr Tables also have inductive

phone chargers.  Fans win access to these seats through promotions and giveaways.

Coming soon to:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Atlanta Falcons

Los Angeles Angels

Colorado Rockies

Arizona Diamondbacks

Kansas City Royals

and more...

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